Next month my domain name and my WordPress hosting plan will both expire. I’m not interested in spending money on a renewal, so this website will revert to I could keep using it that way (though I don’t know what happens to links or email notifications), but I’m going to start posting at Why Blogger? Blogger belongs to Google and Google has a lot of online services that I want to use. It’s probably better if everything is in the same place.

The new address is There is one post up already. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


Wood, Brick, vinyl

A teacher I know said that he grew up so deep in the mountains that to see the sky he had to look straight up. I imagine many city dwellers also have this experience.

A View From a Room

Can I help you?

Amice likes to sit on the windowsill and watch the world outside. He’s very interested in watching birds, but he also likes dogs, cats, and children. I need to learn the art of sitting and doing nothing from him.

Asphalt Butterfly

In front of a café

The flowers had some lovely colours, but I thought they would distract attraction from the butterfly. Thus, black and white.

Traffic Mirror

On a trip to Jeongdongjin a couple of months ago my Nikkor 50mm 1.8D lens stopped working properly. Which left me with 28mm and 85mm lenses. This was about the only decent photo I made during the trip, though I did make some video I liked on my phone. No tripod though, so there was quite a bit of bobbing up and down.

The yellow sign tells you to go to a primary school down the road in case of a tsunami.

Crazy Time

Our Lord and Master Amice usually looks like this:

Or this:

But once or twice a day he needs to discharge all the energy he’s built up from time in the sun and occasional strolls to his food bowl. Then he looks like this:

And this:

Drive ya mad . . . .

But good photo practice . . . .