Seoul – Do Not Litter Sign

Next to the entrance of the convenience store across the street from my international hotel.

Maybe the person who left the cup only speaks Esperanto or something.


Parking Lot

Parking Lot, Yeongnang Neighbourhood, Sokcho

I’ve passed this parking lot a hundred times with no interest at all. And then one day I noticed the trio of trees, the white pickup truck exactly in line with the coffee shop in the background, and the white foreground vehicles making a nice triangle with the white truck in the centre. Click.

View From the Hall

Looking Slightly Left of North

Once a day, Amice (the cat) wants to go for a walk in the hallway of our apartment building. I often bring a camera with me in the hopes of getting a sharp photo of a moving cat in a dim hallway. I quickly give that up and practise photographing the views from the large hallway windows.

There’s nothing pretty about this view, but at least there are no large buildings right next to my large building. I once had an adult student who moved into a brand new apartment complex in a brand new neighbourhood. She invited me and the class to a house-warming party where we admired her large home filled with the latest conveniences. Fabulous, but all you could see out the large living room window was another apartment building. To see the sky, you had to walk up to the window and look up. The view from the other side of the apartment was the same. As nice as her flat was, I wouldn’t want to live there for that reason.

I had to apply quite a bit of post-processing to overcome the loss of contrast caused by dirt on the outside of the window.

Edit – I was asked to upload the original photo with the low contrast. Here it is: